Currently, Friday

Hair: Lion mane style!!! Wore it down to work today – mission accomplished.

Reading: Gone by Michael Grant. Really good so far!! Although Greg has repeatedly stated he hates the cover and would like to punch it. I can see his point. That kid definitely looks Bieber-y.

Eating: Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar. If you ever have a craving for Girl Scout thin mints, but there are no minions in sight, try this! I LOVE thin mints, so I stick these in the fridge, and they taste just like them.

Drinking: Pibb Xtra with my Chipotle today for lunch. The combination is magical.

Watching: Battlestar Galactica. I’m almost finished with season is epic.

Wearing: A Hogwarts American Apparel shirt – yes it exists. And it’s the softest thing ever. This is in combination with space pj shorts – it’s 1 AM, and I just got off work.

Wishing: That Anthropologie had real sales, not this fallacy they call a sale. As I lamented to Greg last time we were at the Anthropologie with FOUR FLOORS in Philadelphia, $40 for a t-shirt is not a sale. Even if that t-shirt is really, really cute.

Listening to: Sweeney Todd. Did you know that the inside of my car becomes a Broadway stage when I play Sweeney Todd? Also I can sing all the parts, so if you’re in my car when this happens, don’t worry, you can just provide the special effects and dramatic dancing.

Working On: Christmas gifts. By that I mean, I’m thinking, “What does everyone want?? I have no idea! I love cheese sticks and the classic 1996 movie Space Jam – that’s what I’ll get everyone!”

Loving: That my cat just jumped into my lap to cuddle me. Then he started eating my hair.

Idea for this post came from The Marvelous Flight of Cara.

6 thoughts on “Currently, Friday

  1. For real. I own A potholder from Anthropologie. Cause it was really cute and on sale. So basically, I can afford a potholder-size amount of their clothes. I need more coverage than that!!!


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