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This is November

Nobody told me doing squats would make my butt hurt. I’ve been squatting with weights, and holy crap, it is fun, but OW…the next day. I’ve been trying not to spend much on clothes, with Christmas coming up, but workout clothes don’t really count. In my head. My checking account thinks otherwise.

I got a pair of these compression pants from Old Navy, and they are so awesome. I already had one pair of full length black ones (I bought the long size which is perfect for me at 5’8″; I like the extra length), and these are almost as comfy. Only because I put them on and they were SO tight I was afraid I would rip them. Then I started hopping around and doing squats and they are perfectly fine.

Greg and I settled in for pizza and a movie the other night, and we decided to watch This Is the End.

Let me just say, if you liked this movie, that’s okay. I would love to hear why. But I thought it was bad. Real bad. It turned out to be a lot weirder than expected and kind of creepy! I’m into both weird and creepy, but I wished it were funnier. So…if you’re in the mood for a funny apocalypse movie, here’s a suggestion of what to watch INSTEAD of This Is the End.

This movie is fantastic!! I LOVE Simon Pegg, and this is hilarious and even a little sweet. I 100% recommend it, and I especially recommend the other two movies that are part of the Cornetto kind-of-trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.

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