Tights for Your Legs

It has been a long weekend of work!! The good news is, I passed my PT test this morning. SO glad to get it done, and now I’m exhausted. In celebration, we made our own stuffed crust pizza and watched a movie. I was going to take pictures of our pizza, but I forgot. Because it smelled really good, and I stuffed it down my face.

I have to confess that I’ve never liked tights that much. Probably because I can never find quite the right size. My legs are longer and they never seem to stretch enough and are TOO tight, so I usually opt for leggings. But, let’s face it, you can’t wear leggings with everything. Although I’d like to basically wear them at all times, unless I’m wearing shorts or PJ’s.

I found some tights I’d really like to try out, especially the Sock Dreams ones – I’ve never purchased anything from them. Mine are all from Target, so maybe a different brand would be more comfortable. Five Toes tights?? I would love to try those.

6 thoughts on “Tights for Your Legs

  1. I love, love wearing tights in the winter but I always get mine from Target too because I snag mine so often that I don't want to spend too much! Those patterned tights are really cute though. Not sure if I'd want my toes separated!


  2. I have the same reasoning, they're just gonna get destroyed anyway. Who thought of making leg coverings out of such flimsy material!! Gotta be cute but inexpensive.


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