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Workout Style

I found this tank on clearance at Dick’s the other day, and I could not wait to wear it to the gym today. They were having an awesome sale, with an extra 50% off clearance, so I got two different colors. It’s so light and comfortable, perfect for running indoors. Also, it doesn’t get all squished up around my waist while I’m running, which happens with some of my other tops. Here’s what I wore today, with a bonus cat.

Top: Underarmour (similar) (save) // Pants: Old Navy (exact) // Shoes: Brooks (exact)

Yesterday, while I thought G was waiting patiently in the car while I went into the store for some things, he actually sneaked in and bought flowers without me noticing. I LOVE surprise flowers.

Last time he bought flowers, he had accidental perfect timing. He came home with them right after I had a major meltdown. I’d forgotten to take my pill the day before, and it was a very stressful week, and I started freaking out that my old college wouldn’t send my transcript. I was alternating between crying and throwing my phone across the room. Sometimes you just have those moments where one little thing sets off a Mega Sharktopus-crocosaurus-nado. Like everything had been waiting to explode all week. G came home to the aftermath of me fallen like a beached turtle on the couch, and he had a Reese’s and flowers in his hand. I don’t know how he did it.

We also had to get a new shower curtain this weekend, since our old one bit the dust. Actually, it was murdered…by mold. Gross. So now we have learned to air it out more, and replaced it with this lovely floral-patterned one from Target. Looks like it’s only available in-stores, although they do have the awesome world map shower curtain, which was our shower curtain in our first apartment.

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