The Coziest Little Fox in the Room

You know how they say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? You probably shouldn’t go clothes shopping when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

I went for a quick shopping trip today before work, but I am trying to get over this weather change. I only ended up buying awesome underwear and running socks, and mostly because it’s weird to buy only a Reese’s at Target.

I feel like cozying up in a big blanket and coming out again when I feel better. But if I had to go out I would really like to wear these boots. And be wrapped in a portable blanket.

G and I were supposed to go to Cici’s today for lunch, but when we arrived, we discovered it had closed sometime since our last visit and been converted into a Karate building. We were disappointed. Not because we don’t like Karate. Believe me, I’m a huge Karate fan. You should see what I can do. I learned all I know from watching Batman. But I am also a big fan of many-toppinged pizzas.

I bemoaned the loss of it at work; as I told my coworker, “It’s not about quality. It’s about quantity.” When I go to Cici’s, I plan to eat as many different kinds of pizza as possible, and one of them is going to have chocolate on it.

Suffering through the loss, we ended up going to my favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Whiskey River anything is the best. I always get the Whiskey River chicken wrap; it’s AMAZING.

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