I confess that:

I don’t know if it’s my medicine which makes me love naps now, or if I’m just getting old. I used to think naps were just for old people; now I can’t get enough!!

 I eat the same thing for breakfast every day during the week. It’s delicious.
I have about 6 pages on Safari on my phone that I refuse to close. They are all puppy pictures. One of them is:
 I have had this unfortunate Usher song stuck in my head for days. DAYS. I really need help. It plays on my Pandora workout station every time I run, and the lyrics are terrible. I think it’s called ‘Scream.’ Second Usher confession: I always call him Ursher, always.

Sometimes I dress my cat up like a hot dog.

That’s all the confessions for now. Tomorrow is Cici’s day with the boyfriend. If you’re unfamiliar with Cici’s, it’s basically pizza heaven for those who love options. And dessert pizza. I love both.

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