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Harry Potter Festival

This weekend was the Harry Potter Festival in Philadelphia.

We had never been before, so we (I) decided we should go. There were a TON of kids and adults dressed up. We even saw two Beauxbatons girls and a baby dressed as an owl – so adorable.

 Dress – Target (similar) / Boots – Modcloth (exact) / Scarf – Old Navy (similar) / Tights – Target (similar)
I also ran into this bear who was wearing metal shorts. We walked for about 5 miles, but it felt like 500 in my boots. I repeated my mantra, ‘Fashion over comfort’ to my boyfriend. They did surprisingly well for several miles; no blisters so it wasn’t that bad.
The houses in this area are so beautiful. They all looked super warm and cozy, like you want to go take a nap inside.
We almost got some butterbeer, but then we realized it was served warm. Not really what you want after working up quite a thirst. So we stopped at Chick-fil-a on the way home for iced teas, and I unzipped my boots and released my feet-krakens, which felt AMAZING.
I’ve already taken 1 1/2 naps today, but I’m exhausted, and will be very happy to climb into bed.

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