H&M Employees are Grumpy

I hardly ever find anything at H&M. I always go in on a Saturday, and the music they are blasting is some pop-dubstep siren of my nightmares.

Today, I had a car appointment, so I decided to go shopping afterward, before I went to work. Since the new H&M website launched, I’ve been seeing so many things that I could actually use, and I decided to stop in the store.

I also had a $10 and $5 coupon for DSW, so I bought some black flats I can wear to work this fall. Here are some similar items to the ones I found today, except for the flats, which are the same.

BTW, the employees at my H&M are super grumpy. And I tried on a pair of pants only to realize they had no button or zipper. Weird. I couldn’t deal with it.

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